One thing I love most about downtown sessions, other than exploring with couples and the architecture, is that none of it—other than where we meet—is planned! As we move from block to block, occasionally stopping for a drink or two, each couple always finds themselves seeing the town they call home, in a new light. […]

I decided just today, that I need to resurrect a few sessions I had from the past that have been just sitting in my drafts folder, why you ask? Why not? I loved this engagement session with Anika and Joe. It was a such a nice day for little hike around rocky ridge county park, […]

I started this session out with an open heart and full of excitement, and left feeling whole. When you’re around Alicia and Mike, you can sense an overwhelming feeling of peace. I really can’t describe it any better than that. You just want more of their company and you want to listen and learn from […]

It’s been some time, but I figured I need to make time for myself, myself meaning a little bit of self promotion, or some may simply say work. It’s so crazy how quick time goes by, it was literally this past weekend that Sebastian and Hannah got married, but here I am blogging their engagement […]

On a whim, as I am too often spontaneous, I decided to take a leap, or should I say a journey, into the world of video. Not wedding videography, but more along the lines of your everyday “storytelling” type. I don’t recall what prompted the initial outreach, but Hannah at Sparrow and Lace Photography and […]

With Valentines Day on the horizon I can’t help but to think of these two and their cuddly and warm engagement session.  We hiked along the west edge of the Susquehanna River and explored a hydro-electric plant, which the locals find to be a fisherman’s paradise. On the alternative, we chased the sunset, ate some […]

When someone says I work at the Urban Headquarters in the Navy Yard and we really want to do our engagement session there, you say yes and then proceed to do a dance and double check to make sure no one was watching.  This Philadelphia engagement session included a tour of the Navy Yard, Urban’s […]