Heather and Glenn’s backyard wedding in State College, PA was simple, warm, comfortable, beautiful, and fun—everything you’d want in a backyard wedding. They really had a plus one with the already-built barn, and the private property allowed for an all night party with their closest friends and family. Other than the fact that is was […]

Now more than ever, I find myself at a backyard wedding. The rules don’t apply and you can party until the sun comes up. It’s by far the most personal and intimate wedding venue you could have. It’s always a comfortable atmosphere and the guests usually have their guard down, meaning I get to know […]

Ever dream of creating a magical DIY backyard wedding where everything was just absolutely perfect? Glenn and Amber did just that, and they only had a Summer to pull it all together!  When you find out that your the only wedding vendor they hired you you begin to imagine how they will pull it all […]