I started this session out with an open heart and full of excitement, and left feeling whole. When you’re around Alicia and Mike, you can sense an overwhelming feeling of peace. I really can’t describe it any better than that. You just want more of their company and you want to listen and learn from […]

The Willis House resides in York, PA. It’s a beautiful historic home that sits on more than 5 acres of amazing greenery, perfect for those who just want nature to be their backdrop.  Todd and Lisa Hake are wonderful home owners as well as day of staff, guiding guests and vendors and making sure your […]

I never imagined I would be documenting such a thing.  A thing that some may have said would never happen. A thing that takes heart to say yes. There are so many unbelievable things I never thought I would witness.  This past month I woke up with lots of unknowns. I asked myself… How will the day […]

A little bed and breakfast, adorned with dated victorian decor, accommodates the girls as they prepare for Alison and Dylan’s wedding day. It’s simple. It’s inviting. It’s totally Alison! Alison and I head to Seven Springs and get a moment with just the 2 of us (I love these times). She is filled with pure […]

A wedding at an Orioles baseball game was filling me with all kinds of anticipation and wonder. What will the ceremony be like? How will they decorate the suite? Will it be baseball themed? I can’t say enough about my clients and how simply and beautifully their weddings are put together. This wedding was fun, […]

Want some nautical themed wedding inspiration? This one has it! From Fishers popcorn and saltwater taffy, to starfish and a ceremony by the water. Each little touch was well thought out and had you waiting to see what’s next and John Wright Restaurant by the river makes this the perfect location. On another,and more important note, […]