On a whim, as I am too often spontaneous, I decided to take a leap, or should I say a journey, into the world of video. Not wedding videography, but more along the lines of your everyday “storytelling” type. I don’t recall what prompted the initial outreach, but Hannah at Sparrow and Lace Photography and […]

Take risks, climb mountains, put your face to the wind. I felt a bit liberated after this engagement session. It wasn’t from the result of taking the photos, but rather the risk of stepping out onto a ledge, hundreds of feet above the water, during an extremely windy snow squall. It took me a moment to […]

With Valentines Day on the horizon I can’t help but to think of these two and their cuddly and warm engagement session.  We hiked along the west edge of the Susquehanna River and explored a hydro-electric plant, which the locals find to be a fisherman’s paradise. On the alternative, we chased the sunset, ate some […]

Central PA has many great and beautiful places to hike without going very far. The white cliffs of conoy are literally opposite the river from York Haven. It’s a shame you have to travel a good distance north or south to find a bridge to cross. Besides the worth while drive to the newly paved […]

When someone says I work at the Urban Headquarters in the Navy Yard and we really want to do our engagement session there, you say yes and then proceed to do a dance and double check to make sure no one was watching.  This Philadelphia engagement session included a tour of the Navy Yard, Urban’s […]

Quirky, Funny, Cheerful. Those are just a few words that describe these two. Both drawn to one another with matching personalities and a love for acting, they are nothing less than a vibrant match. To sum it up, a photo that embodies emotion is easy to capture when the connection is strong and without judgement. […]