Since 2011, I've been head over heels in love with all things art, especially photography—and the best part, I get to meet all you new cool cats and kittens! You are what inspires my creativity! What I provide my clients is a true representation of each of them, their personalities, style, and all the DNA that makes each of them unique.

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"You are what Inspires my Creativity!" 

5 Things About Cambria

Dogs are people too. That's my daily motto in our home. I have one fur baby named Kodak, he's a ham. My husband is a mechanic, he builds custom motorcycles and is a true gear head. I also, have an adorable stepson. He's the cute little nerd of the family and I'm the big nerd. Together we travel, camp, and hike, sometimes in our RV. 

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5 Things About Cambria

I'm an avid hiker and overnight camper, I also love to plant things. Veggies. fruits, flowers... whatever is beautiful I will plant and care for. I have a large collection of indoor plants. Bringing the outdoors in gives me all the feels, especially through those winter months. If you love the outdoors as much as me, then we should be friends. 

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5 Things About Cambria

Big surprise, I love art. The reality is I wouldn't know what else to do in life. I grew up loving to paint and draw, so I went to college for it. Took some photography classes, graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic design, and still do all of the above. in fact, I continue to expand my knowledge on new mediums and truly love the new opportunities each client gives me. I've been photographing people in love since 2010. 

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5 Things About Cambria

We all love movies right? I'm a art and science nerd, so it's no surprise that I love sci-fi. Aside from all those weird alien and futuristic films, I dabble in the world of indie films and appreciate movies like, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind, The Fall, anything that provokes thought and meaning. If you haven't seen these, add them to your list. 

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5 Things About Cambria

York, PA born and raised. We have a cute little farmette on 5 acres, that sits along a creek. We love it here. I plant stuff here. I watch the birds and deer with my family here. We also love to travel. Wether Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, or across the U.S. we love to explore. I have family on the west coast in southern California and every time I visit it feels like home. Maybe one day we will call the west coast home. 

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Let's keep this going.

You're wedding photographer from the east coast that will travel to the west coast, and anywhere in-between.

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