Cristy + Tym | Railroad House Inn Wedding in Marietta, PA

Jun 3, 2020

With small weddings becoming more and more popular and my love for them only growing, I thought what better wedding to blog about next, then that of Cristy and Tym’s. This quaint yet, largely warm hearted wedding at the Railroad House Inn did not go without a few laughs, tears, and puppy love—literally three things that every wedding should have, besides cocktails and late night snacks.

This wedding may not come with the fully decorated centerpieces, or all the extra bells and whistles, but that’s what I loved most about it. This wedding was focused solely on the bride, groom, and their guests—everything else would have been overlooked, and to be honest I personally didn’t miss it. The food was great, the people were amazing, and at the end of the day we all had the best, most memorable time.

If you love small weddings as much as I do, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about your favorite small wedding experience!



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