Sam + Mark | Camp Cann-Edi-On Woodland Wedding

Jan 12, 2018

Sam and Mark…so many great things to say about them, it’s easy to begin and difficult to end. They are hands down adorable and you get an immediate sense of love and support. Might sound strange, but they both know what they want and their future seems clear. 

On the wedding day I showed up over an hour early. long story, but it goes fast with so many great details surrounding the camp. This particular camp, Camp Cann-Edi-On, was my first and only choice for my own wedding, so I fall in love with the idea of photographing here every time. The details were filled with nature, glass wine bottles, and hints of vintage peppered in. A venue like this really does all the work for you.  With some yard games,  an outdoor dance floor, and a keg truck provided by Brewery Products, you really don’t need much more to entertain your guests. 

What makes this wedding even more entertaining? The ceremony was on fire! Scroll to see the BEST unity idea for a wedding, and if you make it to the very end, you see a special announcement from the bride and groom! 

Baby Chronister coming August 17, 2018!


Dress: Lilla’s Bridal
Suit: Men’s Wearhouse
Food: Big Bob’s Catering
Rentals: Eagle Rentals
DJ: Wayne Luckenbaugh
Hair: Lindsey Nelson



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