Shan + Sean | The Willis House Wedding, PA

Jul 17, 2017

Before we dive into this amazing earthy urban shark themed wedding at the Willis House, let’s go back a few years…

It all started on their second date. Sean and Shan wandered around Philly all day but had to seek refuge back at her apartment because hurricane Sandy was brewing outside. As soon as Sean stepped foot in Shan’s urban Philly apartment, he noticed her organized stack of shark books, and they got to talkin’ immediately they realized that they were both obsessed with sharks since childhood. Shan showed Sean her shark books and a few shark figurines and told him that she had a lot more back home in York. Sean said he did too! 

The next time they were both back in York, their hometown, they dug through old boxes and found all of their shark stuff and brought it all back to Philly and combined collections. Ever since then they’ve added a few more shark things (including the 3′ taxidermy mako) to their collection. 

Shan got Sean the cufflinks as a 4th date-iversary gift and secretly hoped he’d end up wearing them for their wedding!

They knew they didn’t want to go full on cheese and have a shark themed wedding, but they had to have SOME touches of their shark love. When they were talking about a cake topper, they consulted their collection and realized that they both had the same little figurine from their respective childhoods. Dork status!!! 

I can’t get enough of Shan and Sean’s wedding at the new Willis House! It’s packed with oversized greens, hints of shark love, and even a cardboard cut-out of their beloved pets that couldn’t be with them on their wedding day. 


Dress: BHLDN | Suit: Indochino | Flowers: Zoe Fox  |  Cake: Just Cupcakes   |  Food: Artistic Foods Catering  |  Venue: Historic Willis House  |  DJ: Coworker, Jeff Cuellar  |  Tables: Barnes Farmhouse Tables



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