Kim + Lindsey | LGBT Church Wedding, PA

Jun 7, 2017

I never imagined I would be documenting such a thing.  A thing that some may have said would never happen. A thing that takes heart to say yes. There are so many unbelievable things I never thought I would witness. 

This past month I woke up with lots of unknowns. I asked myself… How will the day be structured? What will it look like? Will it rain? What will make this wedding unique to all other weddings? I try my best to get as much information as possible before a wedding so I’m prepared for what lies ahead, but there is aways that unknown, that unexpected. Whether it be a moment I get to be part of, or a broken tradition I can capture and bottle up for others to remember, there is always an unknown. 

This day, this wedding, there were so many unknowns! Even though I took a backseat I got to be a part of all of it. I was a witness to a legal LGBT wedding… IN A CHURCH! Not just by law, but under God. Even though I knew that much, I was excited to see both brides walk down the aisle together, and with their pugs!  



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  2. Kathy Cassel says:

    You both look so happy! Here’s to many years of happiness!
    Kathy and Steve C

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