Nicole + Matt | Backyard Bonfire Wedding

May 13, 2017

Now more than ever, I find myself at a backyard wedding. The rules don’t apply and you can party until the sun comes up. It’s by far the most personal and intimate wedding venue you could have. It’s always a comfortable atmosphere and the guests usually have their guard down, meaning I get to know them a little better (I won’t mention any speeches or dance floor behavior). Nicole and Matt’s backyard wedding was no exception. From getting ready at home, to live music by the overly sized bonfire at night, this wedding had everything it needed to feel right at home, literally!   

Aside from the warm atmosphere they had additional luck from mother nature, but as always, the rain made it more memorable. The bridesmaids were embellished with umbrellas and Matt stood in the rain watching his bride-to-be approach him down the aisleā€”an easy solution to covering up each tear from the small number of witnesses that stood by. 

After the private ceremony, more guests started to arrive. We enjoyed BBQ, dancing on hay, an over-sized bonfire, and live music throughout the night. (I think I even roasted a large hotdog on a 15ft skewer!)  Thank you Nicole and Matt for asking me to be part of such a memorable and personal day. I hope these photos allow you to remember each part that made it uniquely yours! 

xoxo Cam

Dress: Lilla’s Bridal Boutique
Suit: Men’s Wearhouse
Flowers: Erica Bixby
Cake: Flour Child
Food: Harvey’s BBQ
Venue: Backyard Wedding
DJ: J and D Mobile Music
Band: Corty Byron
Hair: Salon 40
Makeup: Lindsay Hershey
Mugs: Wood with Mood
Plastic Cups: Sip Hip Hooray
Tent Rental: Tents for you



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