Leo | A Doggie Story

May 8, 2017

Leo’s parents got him as a puppy four months after they got married. They had every intention of getting a female because that is always what Jenny + Wes had growing up, but when they went to visit the puppies, little Leo climbed right into Jenny’s lap and just laid there totally content… They immediately fell in love! Jenny said, “It was like he knew exactly how to get us to take him home.” 

Growing up Leo developed a few characteristics that make him who he is today. He hates car rides, and prefers people to other dogs. He has always had a BIG personality and loves to snuggle. If he can’t find a lap, he will look for the nearest pillow or blanket (or preferably both) to lay on. Even if you’re in the middle of doing something, that won’t stop him from trying to get your attention by pushing his head under your hand for a pet, or pawing at you to let him up on your lap. He has that face that you just can’t stay mad at no matter how bad he is.

Leo has since developed a heart murmur at age seven, but continues to go about his puppy business. I fell in love with Leo immediately and I can see all the love he has for his parents in every photo I took. 



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