Kathleen + Ryan | Fells Point Waterfront Wedding

Feb 21, 2017

Did you know I used to do graphic design work for Fulton Bank? Years ago I worked in the corporate headquarters in Lancaster, PA doing design work for their marketing department. It was there that I met the father of the Groom, Jeff. It’s not very often that the father of the groom coordinates wedding plans, especially with the photographer, but that’s just one of many small things that made this wedding so special. 

The details were simple, the guest list was small, the weather was freezing, and I every one chipped in to make their day so unique and carefree. Kathleen and Ryan are such a such a great couple and deserving of so much happiness! Meeting them for the first time on their wedding day was no challenge and they were warm to the idea that I would be chauffeuring them around Baltimore city and in random locations throughout the cobblestone alleys of Fells Point. (I spent the entire evening before the wedding deep cleaning my car)

To tell you what kind of family they are, I was not planning on staying for the full reception, but the entire guest list was insistent that I stay and enjoy dinner with them. I am so happy for the Bankert family and I look forward to hearing about their little bundle of joy on the way!



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