Alison + Dylan || Seven Springs, PA

Oct 17, 2015

A little bed and breakfast, adorned with dated victorian decor, accommodates the girls as they prepare for Alison and Dylan’s wedding day. It’s simple. It’s inviting. It’s totally Alison! Alison and I head to Seven Springs and get a moment with just the 2 of us (I love these times). She is filled with pure joy and is glowing and I feel as though my ford focus is no fit for such a day and such a bride, but she’s over the moon and could care less. Her words I will never forget, “I can’t believe it. It just feels so surreal.” I think every woman has that similar thought. She feels as though this day would never happen to her. I knew the exact feeling she talked about.

The day progressed and the excitement grew. We waited. Alison and I stood in the front lobby, there she was approached by a strange old man just begging to get a photo with her. I take photos with cell phones too. All this was only the beginning. We trailed the mountains and rode the lift. Then I watched in anticipation as the ceremony started. The sun beamed through the golden lit trees and the day was everything. Oh and the dancing was, well you’ll see!



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