Melanie + Brett || Lauxmont Farms

Nov 16, 2014

Nothing can describe what I, as a wedding photographer witnesses and what role I play. I am there at every single moment, including those that lie between a single person and the camera. I witness lonely tears of joy, behind bathroom door jitters, jokes that are shared between 2 people, awkward moments, and so much more. I cater to the needs of guests, including the elderly. I get to know the family and the demographics that make each family special. I become a extension of the bridal party, making sure everyone looks their best and sharing laughs with each person throughout the night. I end up on the dance floor dancing with everyone as if I met them years ago. And then the night ends and all I have are these photos. I remember each personality and the feeling I had that day. I remember all those tears, those laughs, those moments where I need to teach the groomsmen how to tie a tie. These photos you will have always. 



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