Anika + Joe | Rocky Ridge County Park Engagement

I decided just today, that I need to resurrect a few sessions I had from the past that have been just sitting in my drafts folder, why you ask? Why not? I loved this engagement session with Anika and Joe. It was a such a nice day for little hike around rocky ridge county park, and I can’t help but smile when I look at all of these and those Fall leaves have me dealing me with some serious Fall fever. I just want some fire pit seasons again. For those on the east coast, you know what I’m talking about. I hope there smiles add one to your face.


Monica + Jacob | Pole Steeple Engagement at Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Monica + Jacob | Pole Steeple Engagement at Pine Grove Furnace State Park

This hiking adventure spared no ounce of water or breathtaking views. About a one mile hike straight uphill to the top of pole steeple and it’s easy for anyone to fall in love. Monica and Jake were super easy going and had great stories to tell along the way. I truly love getting to know each one of my clients and finding that common ground that brings us together. It’s far more than just being your photographer, right?!

I am anxious to hear what life has in store for them after their wedding day!

Sophia + Edwin | Philadelphia Engagement Session

This engagement session had us UBERing all over Philly, but it was totally worth every shot and of course I loved the extra time connecting with Sophie & Edwin between locations. They are both incredibly ambitious, smart, caring and just overall a really great couple. I love that they had no idea where they would be living next. There job applications were literally defining the next phase of their lives together, that and of course the nuptials!

Enjoy this Philly engagement session, taken along boathouse row, the Philadelphia Art Museum, and City Hall! 

Kelsie + Chase | Historic Shady Lane York, PA

Flower crowns for engagement sessions, YES PLEASE!  My pupils dilate every time I look through this dreamy, fairytale-styled engagement session. Scroll and feast your eyes on this adorable couple and their dogs, and find yourself among mushrooms, a creek bed, a greenhouse, a sea of hostas, and so much more, all adorning the ever-so-lovely, historic shady lane—future ceremony site of Kelsie and Chase. 


Hannah + Sebastian | Codorus State Park Woodsy Engagement

It's been some time, but I figured I need to make time for myself, myself meaning a little bit of self promotion, or some may simply say work. It's so crazy how quick time goes by, it was literally this past weekend that Sebastian and Hannah got married, but here I am blogging their engagement photos. Shame on me.  I won't ramble on with this one, it's really just one to enjoy without commentary.