Alicia + Mike | York City, Colorful Mural Engagement Session

I started this session out with an open heart and full of excitement, and left feeling whole. When you're around Alicia and Mike, you can sense an overwhelming feeling of peace. I really can't describe it any better than that. You just want more of their company and you want to listen and learn from them. 

Once I saw that sprocket works completed their murals in the up-and-coming royal square in downtown York city, I knew I had the perfect couple to compliment these colorful backdrops. The murals represent new life and change and I couldn't pass up sharing a similar message by photographing the engagement of these two.

Hannah + Sebastian | Codorus State Park Woodsy Engagement

It's been some time, but I figured I need to make time for myself, myself meaning a little bit of self promotion, or some may simply say work. It's so crazy how quick time goes by, it was literally this past weekend that Sebastian and Hannah got married, but here I am blogging their engagement photos. Shame on me.  I won't ramble on with this one, it's really just one to enjoy without commentary. 

Shan + Sean | The Willis House Wedding, PA

Before we dive into this amazing earthy urban shark themed wedding at the Willis House, let's go back a few years...

It all started on their second date. Sean and Shan wandered around Philly all day but had to seek refuge back at her apartment because hurricane Sandy was brewing outside. As soon as Sean stepped foot in Shan's urban Philly apartment, he noticed her organized stack of shark books, and they got to talkin' immediately they realized that they were both obsessed with sharks since childhood. Shan showed Sean her shark books and a few shark figurines and told him that she had a lot more back home in York. Sean said he did too! 

The next time they were both back in York, their hometown, they dug through old boxes and found all of their shark stuff and brought it all back to Philly and combined collections. Ever since then they've added a few more shark things (including the 3' taxidermy mako) to their collection. 

Shan got Sean the cufflinks as a 4th date-iversary gift and secretly hoped he'd end up wearing them for their wedding!

They knew they didn't want to go full on cheese and have a shark themed wedding, but they had to have SOME touches of their shark love. When they were talking about a cake topper, they consulted their collection and realized that they both had the same little figurine from their respective childhoods. Dork status!!! 

I can't get enough of Shan and Sean's wedding at the new Willis House! It's packed with oversized greens, hints of shark love, and even a cardboard cut-out of their beloved pets that couldn't be with them on their wedding day. 


Dress: BHLDN | Suit: Indochino | Flowers: Zoe Fox  |  Cake: Just Cupcakes   |  Food: Artistic Foods Catering  |  Venue: Historic Willis House  |  DJ: Coworker, Jeff Cuellar  |  Tables: Barnes Farmhouse Tables

Venue Review | The Willis House, PA

The Willis House resides in York, PA. It's a beautiful historic home that sits on more than 5 acres of amazing greenery, perfect for those who just want nature to be their backdrop. 

Todd and Lisa Hake are wonderful home owners as well as day of staff, guiding guests and vendors and making sure your day is taken care of. Their daughter can be hired on as a wedding coordinator and she is the most pleasant and attentive coordinator I have had the pleasure of working with—She's on it! Not only did I acquire a friendor, but I got to know her and her family, making me and I'm sure many others comfortable and welcomed.  

They offer photographers a small handful of amazing locations to photograph, most of which is nature inspired and well within an easy walking distance. If you have time for a little drive during happy hour, you can quickly (5 min) navigate to downtown York, PA for a nice balance of urban photo opportunities! The pond has a little catwalk you can utilize and the sun sets right behind the ceremony area (Can you hear the angels singing?). If you navigate to the left side of the home, you'll find a garden sanctuary and it's a great private spot to whisk away the family for photos after the ceremony. 

The many unique features of this property include the historic home, great for getting ready (although not a lot of natural light), and a beautiful oversized pavilion, perfect for receptions and WAY better than your standard tent! The best part, the barn ruins with a fire pit, and the creek-fed pond. They both offer a to-die-for backdrop and an enjoyable environment for all your guests! The ruins are even up-lit at night and the string lights make for a fun bokeh opportunity. Oh! And the bathrooms are so nice! I really should have taken a picture of those... 

I can't wait to shoot my next wedding here!




Kim + Lindsey | LGBT Church Wedding, PA

I never imagined I would be documenting such a thing.  A thing that some may have said would never happen. A thing that takes heart to say yes. There are so many unbelievable things I never thought I would witness. 

This past month I woke up with lots of unknowns. I asked myself... How will the day be structured? What will it look like? Will it rain? What will make this wedding unique to all other weddings? I try my best to get as much information as possible before a wedding so I'm prepared for what lies ahead, but there is aways that unknown, that unexpected. Whether it be a moment I get to be part of, or a broken tradition I can capture and bottle up for others to remember, there is always an unknown. 

This day, this wedding, there were so many unknowns! Even though I took a backseat I got to be a part of all of it. I was a witness to a legal LGBT wedding... IN A CHURCH! Not just by law, but under God. Even though I knew that much, I was excited to see both brides walk down the aisle together, and with their pugs!  

Nicole + Matt | Backyard Bonfire Wedding

Now more than ever, I find myself at a backyard wedding. The rules don't apply and you can party until the sun comes up. It's by far the most personal and intimate wedding venue you could have. It's always a comfortable atmosphere and the guests usually have their guard down, meaning I get to know them a little better (I won't mention any speeches or dance floor behavior). Nicole and Matt's backyard wedding was no exception. From getting ready at home, to live music by the overly sized bonfire at night, this wedding had everything it needed to feel right at home, literally!   

Aside from the warm atmosphere they had additional luck from mother nature, but as always, the rain made it more memorable. The bridesmaids were embellished with umbrellas and Matt stood in the rain watching his bride-to-be approach him down the aisle—an easy solution to covering up each tear from the small number of witnesses that stood by. 

After the private ceremony, more guests started to arrive. We enjoyed BBQ, dancing on hay, an over-sized bonfire, and live music throughout the night. (I think I even roasted a large hotdog on a 15ft skewer!)  Thank you Nicole and Matt for asking me to be part of such a memorable and personal day. I hope these photos allow you to remember each part that made it uniquely yours! 

xoxo Cam

Dress: Lilla's Bridal Boutique
Suit: Men's Wearhouse
Flowers: Erica Bixby
Cake: Flour Child
Food: Harvey's BBQ
Venue: Backyard Wedding
DJ: J and D Mobile Music
Band: Corty Byron
Hair: Salon 40
Makeup: Lindsay Hershey
Mugs: Wood with Mood
Plastic Cups: Sip Hip Hooray
Tent Rental: Tents for you